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E.C.I.S.D. releases statement on scuffle at Crockett Middle School

Statement from E.C.I.S.D. Statement from E.C.I.S.D.

The Ector County School District released a statement Wednesday about a scuffle that ended with a 13 year old being taken to a juvenile detention center.

In the statement, the district said two students got into a scuffle after school on Monday.

An assistant principal tried to calm the situation by grabbing the girl by the arm and asking her to go back inside the school.

The statement said the girl was cussing at the administrator and was swinging her arms in an attempt to get away.

While doing this, she hit the assistant principal in the face, hurting her.

Campus police charged the student with assault on a public servant.

The district said their employees have a responsibility to keep the schools safe, and students cannot act recklessly and hurt others around them.

They also said that in addition to the charge, the student will face discipline from the school.

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