Odessa mother angry after teen daughter is accused of assault

Odessa mother angry after teen daughter is accused of assault

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A student in Odessa is in big trouble. The teen was arrested for hurting an administrator after school and her mother is furious claiming it wasn't intentional.

The student is only 13-years-old and she could be facing charges of assault on a public servant.

The student's mother, Rotarvia Steward, said, "Now, she doesn't want to go to school and she loves school. She's a good student, plays sports, everything."

Steward said Monday after school, her daughter confronted a boy after he took her ice cream away. She said administrators tried to escort her daughter inside the school. The report from Ector County ISD Police said the student assaulted a campus administrator.

Steward said, "They proceeded to grab my daughter and swing her around. My niece called, the school never called me and my niece said, 'They're beating her up, they're throwing her around like a rag doll.' As they were trying to drag her inside, my daughter was throwing her arms trying to have them let her go, she swung her arm and hit [the administrator] in her face."

The mother said the administrator wasn't the only one who was hurt.

"Well, my daughter's arm has scratches on it. I went to file charges on them and they said that there's nothing I can do because she received the scratches from the tussle," said Steward.

The mother said she believes the struggle between her daughter and the administrator also led to what she said was an accidental hit.

The mother expressed her concern for her daughter's future.

"We had plans of going to college, playing basketball. Going to college, running track. I mean for her to be the child that she is, she's a good kid and she shouldn't be going through this," said Steward.

Steward said she does not plan on sending her daughter returning to Crockett Middle School until after her suspension is over.

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