City councilman loses seat due to illness

City councilman loses seat due to illness

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - ODESSA, TX (KWES) - City councilman Roger McNeil lost his seat Tuesday night because an illness forced him to miss too many meetings.

David Turner, Odessa Mayor, said, "This is rough because it's like losing a family member."

The city's hands are tied as an ordinance says council members can't miss an extended period of time or they're out. 

Odessa resident, David Burditt, said, "It's unfortunate because I do think he fulfilled his position."

The city now has to decide whether or not to replace him and the mayor can vote on issues as well.

"I would become the tie break," said Turner.

McNeil's term ends in November and the council's decision is all about timing.

"Can we effectively get somebody in there in this short period of time or would it be better to just let the natural election go ahead and take place?" said Turner.

The mayor said the city council will definitely get input from people who live in McNeil's district.

"I would just want our representative to be for us. We're small in numbers but we need a big representative," said Burditt.

If the city chooses to replace McNeil, candidates can start applying for the open seat anytime between June through August.

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