US Congressman visits Midland, speaks on national security

US Congressman visits Midland, speaks on national security

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Congressman Will Hurd spoke to everyone in attendance at the annual Bush Day Dinner. He reflected on his career and issues with national security. 

Congressman Will Hurd said "To be able to come out here and talk to a motivated group of people about what's going in in Washington D.C.and a little bit about national security, it's important to get out here and do it."

Hurd said threats to the US are what makes national security the number one issue in Congress.

"Are we going to keep Americans safe and make sure our enemies fear us and our allies trust us? Groups like ISIS, they are a clear and present danger to the United States and they are trying to attack us on our homeland. We need to keep them on the run and off our shores," said Hurd.

Coming to Midland, Hurd said it is important for the residents in the Permian Basin to be informed on issues of national security as well.

"We should worry about national security because the price of barrel and oil. They are doing things in Syria to provoke Saudi Arabia. Our energy policy is a tool of our foreign policy and there is no better place people understand that than right here in the Permian Basin," said Hurd.

Hurd also talked about issues between Apple and the FBI.

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