Former night club becoming church in Odessa

Former night club becoming church in Odessa

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - It used to be a place to dance, sing and drink.

Now the old Graham Central Station is becoming a place a worship.

Church goers in Odessa will soon be able to worship at the former Graham Central Station building after Stonegate Fellowship finalized the purchase and they aren't wasting any time and the reconstruction process has already begun.

"There's been a lot of surprise but I think that's really what we're supposed to do," said Senior Pastor, Patrick Payton.

Stonegate fellowship has been holding their Odessa services at Bonham Junior High. Payton said for the past year they have hoped purchasing the Graham Central Station building would be possible.

"We had pursued some other options and had looked into the Graham Central Station location, some things hadn't worked out and like I said they are a tremendous company to work with. They called us when some things didn't work out and said, 'Are you all still interested?' The rest really just fell into place. That's a good way to put it, right place at the right time," said Payton.

Graham Central Station building has been opened since 1998. Just last April they became a concert only venue and they stayed opened with that purpose until the purchase was finalized.

Payton said, "Probably one of the running jokes is just that we wonder what people are going to feel like perhaps when they go to a church in a place that maybe they went to a dance or bar earlier. We're excited about that. Hopefully the same atmosphere of joy and celebration but with a different purpose will occur."

Payton said the Stonegate Fellowship community has responded with joy and excitement to have a second location they can call home.

"It opens up a lot of opportunities for churches like ourselves who have come out of this model, we've met in schools. It just expands the opportunity for ourselves and most importantly for the community," said Payton.

Stonegate Fellowship immediately started cleaning and gutting the building after the deal was finalized. They expect to have the building completely remodeled and ready by Christmas.

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