2nd murder trial of Trey Sands begins Monday

2nd murder trial of Trey Sands begins Monday

Monday will be the start of the murder trial concerning the death of Trey Sands.

Charles Marrow is accused of helping bury the body of Trey Sands.

Another man has already sentenced for the murder.

Keith McWilliams admitted to murdering sands back in early February.

He lead deputies to Sands' body in a makeshift grave at Terlingua Ranch.

NewsWest 9 spoke with the family of Trey Sands who was happy to hear of McWilliams verdict.

On Monday they begin another journey towards justice as the trial of Marrow begins.

Sands' sister says her family will be present at these trials.

Another person was arrested in connection to the murder of Sands, Rhonda Bloom.

Bloom's murder charge was dropped and has been reduced to tampering with evidence.