Odessa city councilman close to losing seat

Odessa city councilman close to losing seat

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - An Odessa city councilman could be in danger of losing his seat by missing one more city council meeting.

The City of Odessa says Councilman Roger McNeil has been recovering from an illness and during his recovery, he has missed half of the city council meetings.

The city ordinance says council members cannot miss more than half the meetings in a six month time period.

So if he misses the next one, he will no longer be a city council member.

The meeting that he must show up to in order to keep his seat is being held on Tuesday night.

Currently, Councilman McNeil represents district one that covers south Odessa.

During his time with the Odessa City Council, he has strived to bring in more business growth and focus on zoning issues.

McNeil currently also serves on the Animal Control Advisory Board and other city committees.

He is also a retired pastor of the St. James Baptist Church.

McNeil was elected to the city council back in November of 2012.

The City of Odessa says they hope McNeil is able to make it to the next meeting and keep his seat but there are no exceptions for health related absences.

It's unknown what illness he is recovering from.

McNeil's wife said she had no comment on his illness or the possibility that he could lose his city council seat.

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