Confusion surrounds Howard County primary election

Confusion surrounds Howard County primary election

HOWARD COUNTY, TX (KWES) - There has been some confusion on voting in Howard County elections this during this primary and officials are hoping to help clear things up.

"It's just sort of a unique situation this particular year," said Saundra Bloom, Howard County Elections Administrator. 

One voter didn't understand why he couldn't vote locally because he was voting on a Democratic ballot.

"When she explained if I had to vote for the locals, I would have to vote Republican all the way. I told her I wasn't going to vote for the locals, but to me it is very intrusive and it's nobody's business who I vote for," the voter said.

In the primaries, voters are required to vote on one ballot. Since there is only one race in Howard County and all candidates are Republicans. Democratic voters have to choose to not vote locally to vote in the federal and state primary or vote Republican all the way.

"Well, you have to make that decision. I usually tell people to look to see which vote is the most important for you. That's the way I always looked at it. Where is my vote going to count the most?" said Bloom.

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