More digital skimmers found, how to stay safe

More digital skimmers found, how to stay safe

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Nine card skimmers have been found around the Permian Basin in just the last couple of weeks.

Police are finding that some of these skimmers are new technology and are harder to spot than traditional ones.

Multiple digital skimmers were discovered after Midland police told us about the first digital one last week.

These traditional skimmers are most commonly found at gas pumps and although they are placed inside there are a few things you can look for when fueling up.

Before swiping your card to pump gas there are a couple of things you should look for, the first is the card reader. Make sure there are not any cuts, wires sticking out and pay special attention to a little sticker you may not have noticed before.

Detective Waylon Klutts with Midland Police Department said, "If you're using a pump, check the seal and make sure that that seal is still unbroken. The seal is designed if it has been peeled away to show it has been peeled. It'll say void or opened."

If this seal is not placed smoothly, you need to notify someone inside.

Midland Police said these new skimmers are made by thieves who know what they're doing.

"At some point they look professional and they're pulling them off of some type of electrical equipment and adding their own equipment to it such as the reader and things like that," said Klutts.

Midland Police said the skimmers have been placed inside by opening the door with a key. They said these keys used to open a gas pump are easy to access but the seal comes off when you open the door, that's why the seals are so important to check.

Police said these skimmers can be placed in a small amount of time The only way to stay 100% safe from these skimmers is to go inside and pay cash.

"With the clerks being busy inside they are not going to see a person pull up to the pump, it'll just be like a regular customer. Use your credit card over debit card and monitor your bank statements daily," said Klutts.

Midland Police said information can be sent over instantly from these digital skimmers.

For those using Chip Cards, Midland Police said it appears you are safe, at least for now.

Midland Police are expecting these criminals to catch up to the new technology.

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