Odessa resident traveling to Juarez for Papal visit

Odessa resident traveling to Juarez for Papal visit

Many people are gearing up for the pope's visit to Juarez, Mexico later this week, NewsWest 9 spoke with a man who was selected to go see the pontiff.

"First of all I'd ask for health and plenty of employment for Odessa, we all know we need it. The health of all the community, and blessing for all," said Mauricio Garcia.

These are only a few things on Mauricio Garcia’s mind as he gets ready to see the Pope in Juarez this Wednesday. Garcia is one of five lucky residents going after he was given a ticket by a local priest, but originally, he wasn't going to go.

"I woke up in the middle of the night, I said, if they gave me ticket it was for me to go, so I felt like I should," said Mauricio.

Hundreds of thousands of people have lined the streets of Mexico during the Pope's visit, but that's not preventing Garcia from making the trek.

"I know there will be a lot of people but it's worth the sacrifice just to even see him. It's a blessing, like the girl with leprosy she had the faith to tough the Pontiff's clothing and healed. That's how I feel, even if I get too see from far away it doesn't matter I thank God I'll be there, “said Mauricio.

Pope Francis' main message throughout his visit has been about curbing the drug violence in the country. Mauricio hopes the people who go see the pope will use the inspiration to help better their communities.

"Everyone who can go, we should go with an open heart and God will bless us even if we are near or far, all families will be bless," said Mauricio.

Garcia said he's leaving early tomorrow morning in anticipation of the Pope's visit to Juarez on Wednesday.

Be sure to stick with NewsWest 9 as we will have crew in El Paso starting Tuesday Feb. 15 for the Pontiff's visit.

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