Doctor: Scalia suffered from heart problems

Doctor: Scalia suffered from heart problems

MARFA, TX (KWES) - New questions are coming up surrounding the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia over the weekend. Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara initially said an autopsy should be done on the late justice.

After a talk with Scalia's doctor, Judge Guevara changed her mind about doing the autopsy. The doctor told her Scalia had a history of heart trouble and high blood pressure. He was also considered too weak to have surgery that would fix a recent shoulder injury.

This seems at odds with what friends say. They described Scalia as being his usual happy self in the time leading up to his death. Scalia's family didn't think a private autopsy was necessary, wanting his remains to be returned to Washington as soon as possible.

After it was determined Scalia died from natural causes, his body was flown out of El Paso Sunday night. A private plane carried him to Virginia but it's unknown exactly where it landed.
Scalia died at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, southeast of Marfa. The owner, John Poindexter, says the justice seemed his usual self at dinner the night before. He was part of a group of about 35 weekend guests, who had dinner Friday night. Poindexter said the justice retired around 9 p.m saying he wanted a long night's sleep. Poindexter found his body the following day.

Scalia leaves behind a wife of 55 years and nine children.

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