Midland County Sheriff's Department gives back to kindergartner

Midland County Sheriff's Department gives back to kindergartner

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - When six year old Aiden Silva and his brother went outside to play and Aiden's new bike and was no where to be found, they thought it was misplaced.

Kimberly Silva, Aiden's mother said "I was kind of in disbelief. I thought ok, maybe they left it laying around. The following day we decided we need to report it because if we see it laying somewhere at least we can try to get it back."

Deputy Anthony Fisher of the Midland County Sheriff's Department said, "It was the boys first bike and he told me it had been stolen shortly after he received it." 

Fisher said after he took the report,everyone in the Sheriff's office knew exactly what to do.

"That evening  I was talking to my Corporal when I explained the situation to him he immediately responded, well I'm going to go ahead and buy the kid a bike. I told him well I've already gone and done that," said Fisher.

Fisher said he and the others put money together to buy and surprise Aiden with a new bike.

"I didn't think it was right that he should suffer because there some people out there that unfortunately can't seem to not take things that don't belong to them," said Fisher.

Fisher said giving back is all apart of the job. Aiden on the other hand already knows what he plans on doing with his new bike.

Pease Elementary School Kindergartener, Aiden Silva said "Riding it."

Aiden said his new bike is awesome and he plans on always getting perfect attendance.

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