Thief stealing debit, credit card information from Midland gas pump

Thief stealing debit, credit card information from Midland gas pump
Credit card skimming device (Source: File Video)
Credit card skimming device (Source: File Video)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - People using a gas station in Midland are worried their credit and debit card information may be stolen.

A skimmer was found at one of the pumps at Kwik Check Convenience Store off Rankin Hwy.

The skimmer found is new technology, unlike traditional skimmers, these can be installed in as quick as 30 seconds and can store credit card information in just the swipe of a card.

"This person was actually able to break into the gas pump and place it inside and wire it up to an electrical source," said Public Information Officer, Sara Bustilloz.

This skimmer allowed information such as card holders name, credit or debit card number and even PIN number can be sent over instantly via Bluetooth to a digital device.

"You can usually jostle it or tell that something is out of place because it's placed over the card reader that is already there," said Bustilloz

Police said there are a few ways to ensure your information is safe.

"If you can pay with cash that's absolutely the safest way to go. If you have a debit card if you can use it as a credit card that's safe so you aren't using your pin number," said Bustilloz.

Skimmers have been found before, the last place they were seen was at several Frost Bank locations.

"These are a little bit different they're specifically for gas pumps and we're just starting to see them around the nation," said Bustilloz.

Residents who use the gas station frequently said they are worried.

"Yeah I usually pump here I just live down the street. I don't feel safe," said customer Fabian Garcia.

"I'm surprised about what you're telling me because I always come to these gas pumps," said customer Lucio Garza.

"I'll probably use cash from now on," said Garcia.

A company that services gas pumps is who found the skimmer, the company told Midland Police they will be on the lookout for any location they service.

Midland police said for whatever reason the skimmer that was used did not transmit the information but police still recommend calling your bank and MPD if you notice unusual activity on your account and purchased gas at Kwik Check Convenience Store off Rankin Hwy in the last 30-45 days.

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