Teen recovering after pickup crashes through her home

Teen recovering after pickup crashes through her home

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A knocked down tree, two damaged cars and a large hole protruding through the living room is what's left of a home after police say a drunk driver going down Tanglewood lost control of his vehicle.

The pickup driver hit a couple of cars, knocked down a stop sign, crashed through the garage door of a home and hurt a 17-year-old girl.

Amber Juarez was getting her stuff ready for a softball game when Thomas White ran the stop sign and hit her home on the 1400 block of Tanglewood.

The teen and her family decided not to talk on camera but they showed the damage left behind.

Amber was trying to get her socks out of a washer before the crash sent her flying.

Her dad said they couldn't find her because she was stuck underneath a door.

Amber's mom was also hurt as her ankle is swollen and bruised.

The teen says she's grateful to be alive. She pointed out that had she been standing two feet to the left, she would have been crushed by her brother's truck.

The father, Jesse Juarez, said he was concerned not only for his daughter's health but for the whole family.

All services, gas water and electricity were turned off and Jesse said a few water lines were leaking.

The family said Amber has a broken nose, sinus cavity and a loose tooth.

White was arrested on Sunday on DWI charges.

Amber's dad said he only has one message and that's for anyone drinking to do it responsibly.

He added if you see someone with more than one beer try to get behind the wheel, stop them as it could save someone's life.

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