Man arrested for assaulting officer, trying to take his gun

Man arrested for assaulting officer, trying to take his gun

Mario Montoya is behind bars for hitting and officer and reaching for his gun during a fight.

"Any time someone assaults us or attempts to take our weapon, we take it extremely serious," said Cpl. Steve LeSueur of the Odessa Police Department.

Police say just after 2 a.m. Friday morning, Montoya was driving on Maple Avenue. He made an illegal turn onto Jon Ben Sheppard Parkway and Odessa police pulled him over.

"Officers suspected that Montoya was intoxicated so they asked him to step out of the vehicle," said LeSueur.

Montoya did step out but started running from police into a parking lot. One of the officers caught up to Montoya but was punched in the face.

"After a brief struggle, Montoya attempted to grab his gun," said LeSueur.

The officer thought quickly and grabbed the taser from his holster on the other side. He tased Montoya in the chest and arrested him.

"He was transported to the hospital for a blood warrant. He was later transported to the jail," said LeSueur.

Odessa police say they are trained to deal with situations like this, where their lives could be in danger. However, it's all up to the officer on whether to use lethal force or not.

"It's just all officer discretion. He could have been shot but he wasn't. He chose to tase him instead. It could have been much worse," said LeSueur.

Montoya was charged with driving while intoxicated, assault on a public servant causing bodily injury and attempting to take a weapon from a peace officer. Authorities also found cocaine on him while he was at the jail. He was given an additional charge of prohibited substance in a correctional facility.

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