Alpine man sentenced to life behind bars

Alpine man sentenced to life behind bars

BREWSTER COUNTY, TX (KWES) - An Alpine man will spend the rest of his life behind bars after a jury convicted him on Monday.

Keith McWilliams was sentenced to life behind bars on Tuesday morning.

Trey Sands' sister Kara Sands said, ""Reliving it, I've been living it for 14 months. Yeah, it was tough."

On Monday, a jury found McWilliams guilty of murdering former Kilgore football coach, Trey Sands, back in Oct. 2014.

"It's bittersweet, because you're never happy if a person is convicted and is going away but we don't have Trey and you can't bring trey back. This is justice for him," said Kara Sands.

McWilliams was later arrested and he led deputies to Sands body that was in a makeshift grave at Terlingua Ranch.

Authorities also said that McWilliams confessed to the crime.

Two other people were arrested in connection to Sands' murder, Rhonda Bloom of Terlingua and Charles Morrow.

Morrow's trial is scheduled for February 22.

The Sands family said they will continue to fight for justice until the suspects are convicted.

"In 30 years when [McWilliams] is up for parole I'll be there. Same thing with Morrow. I'll spend the rest of my life fighting for Trey. making sure those people stay in jail. He deserves that, he's my brother," said Kara Sands.

The Brewster County Sheriff's Office said Sands was staying with a friend when he had a confrontation with the suspects.

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