Reagan County Middle School student bullied, mother speaks out

Reagan County Middle School student bullied, mother speaks out

BIG LAKE, TX (KWES) - A mother is furious after her daughter is being bullied at Reagan County Middle School.

The mother claims school administration isn't doing anything to help her, she said her daughter has been threatened, made fun of and even burned.

The mother of this student said all of these things happened this school year but the bullying is an on-going issue for more than a year.

"I've gone to the principal, nothing has been done, then I went to the superintendent and never got a phone call back," said the mother.

The mother and aunt chose to remain anonymous in order to protect the child.

"They don't take it serious all these threats being made and they don't take it serious, she's being harassed," said the mother.

"It's pretty hard, she comes home and most of the time she's always upset. The first time, when she got burned it really hurt me to see her go through so much, and no one [from the school] cared. Honestly, nobody cared," said the aunt.

The mother said her daughter got burned after someone left a hot curling iron where her daughter sits, she believes it was intentional. It got ruled an accident and no one was punished.

"I guess she has to get hurt for something to be done," said the mom.

The mother said the principal has made very little effort to resolve the issue.

During a phone conversation, Reagan County ISD Superintendent, Steve Long, refused to comment or give a statement on the matter.

The mother says she fears this will escalate to more.

"Kids are being bullied and harassed, they want to commit suicide. That's what scares me. I don't want her to do something crazy because of them. i don't want to lost my child because of them," said the mother.

The family said speaking out was the first step and they will continue to challenge administration until something changes.

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