Puppy doused in lighter fluid dies

Puppy doused in lighter fluid dies

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The tiny puppy, who was just under four months old, and had no name and no place to call home, died after she was taken to the Odessa Animal Shelter Saturday, Jan. 30, after a suspected case of animal cruelty.

NewsWest 9 was notified of the update as the owners were trying to take responsibility of the puppy saying it was an accident.

Officials said she was doused in lighter fluid and left to die.

The strong smell coming from the dog proved that she had been covered in some type of chemical. Her ears were burned and she seemed to have several tiny puncture wounds all over her body.

The Odessa Animal Shelter immediately released the puppy to a rescue, the dog was then taken to the Mesa Verde Animal Clinic in Midland for care. The dog was doing better but workers with Mesa Verde said she is high risk at the time.

An animal activist group called "Speaking Up For Those Who Can't" were the current caretakers of the dog and are took over of all veterinary expenses. The group posted a video of the pup in better condition. The video got over 3,800 shares and 2,700 comments on Facebook wishing the best for the dog. Many people commented on Facebook in disgust toward the person who did this.

Animal cruelty is a serious offense and the person responsible could be facing fines up to $10,000 and up to two years of jail time.

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