Gun sales since open carry law

Gun sales since open carry law

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It's been one month since the open carry law went into effect. NewsWest 9 wanted to find out if gun sales have gone up. A local gun store in Midland says they have, but that may not be because of the open carry law.

"We've been seeing a pretty steady increase in gun sales really for the past several months. I can't really attribute any of it specifically to open carry. We've still been selling a ton of really small concealable pistols," said Danny Anderson, manager at SK Arms in Midland.

He says while gun sales has gone up, they yet to see a lot of customers shopping for open carry.

"I haven't really seen a whole lot of people come in looking for open carry specific items," said Anderson.

Talk on open carry continues to swirl.

"People love to have discussions about whether or not it's better to open carry or concealed carry," said Anderson.

The license to carry and the open carry license fall under one umbrella. SK Arms says that could be why they haven't seen a spike in open carry interest.

"I think a lot more people have been getting their concealed handgun licenses lately," said Anderson.

Either way, for those interested in open carry or concealed carry, gun shop employees say there are some things you must take in mind.

"Anybody who comes in and they're saying I'm looking for a gun to carry, the first thing that we ask is where are you taking your classes? Have you had any other training? Training is the most important part of deciding to carry a weapon for personal defense," said Anderson.