"Turf War" between sharks ends with one shark being eaten

"Turf War" between sharks ends with one shark being eaten

A South Korean aquarium says its biggest shark has eaten another big shark.

A large sand tiger shark at the Seoul aquarium Thursday ate a large banded hound shark in the first such incident at the aquarium. 

The eight-year-old female shark, the largest in the aquarium at about seven feet long, is said to have slowly eaten the smaller five-year-old male shark.

The larger shark was filmed swimming around with the body of her tank mate, about four feet in length, hanging out of her mouth. 

By Friday, only the tip of the tail remained, as the shark swam around the aquarium's undersea tunnel in front of aquarium guests. 

The tail is expected to stay in her mouth for about four to five days, the aquarium said, adding that the shark will be unable to digest the other shark. 

The aquarium believes the incident to be a kind of "turf war."

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