Motorists react to change in speed limit on I-20

Motorists react to change in speed limit on I-20

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Motorists who travel down Interstate 20 regularly are very opinionated about the new changes to the speed limit.

"I think it's probably a good idea. There is a lot of accidents because of the construction," said Richard Simpson, a frequent driver of the road.

The Texas Department of Transportation announced drivers on I-20 will have to lower their speed to 65 miles per hour on February 1.

"If they are changing it to make sure everyone is in a safe environment and stuff, make sure everyone is driving safe, then it is a good thing. As long as everyone drives safe. It shouldn't be a problem," said Omar Saucedo.

TXDOT cited safety as the main reason for the change. They say the crash rate on I-20 has exceeded the state average for similar roads throughout Texas.

Most people said that speeding is a problem on the road and they hope drivers will actually follow the new signs.

"People don't drive the speed limit on this road. Right here, it's posted 55. I get passed by people doing 70 or 80 mph," said Richard Simpson.

Others say they are worried about the slow down in traffic and getting to work on time.

"That's horrible. I think it needs to be faster. We have to get to work fast or we won't get nothing done," said Josiah Thompson.

However, most all can agree that safety is important and hope the change reduces the amount of accidents on the interstate.

The new speed limit will be enforced next week when the new signs are placed along the interstate.

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