Authorities conduct domestic terrorism drill at Midland College

Authorities conduct domestic terrorism drill at Midland College

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - After recent violent events around the country, Midland College is working to make the campus safer.

They held a domestic terrorism drill on Thursday.

Employees are routinely trained on how to respond to an active shooter situation and natural disasters but the college wanted to put those producers to the test.

Midland College used their own campus warning system.

While students were in class, they were notified that an active shooter was on campus and then told to either evacuate or find shelter.

Even those who were not near the simulated danger area had to evacuate.

Anyone who was on campus, even those who are not students or staff, were required to take part in the drill.

It was in place for more than two hours on Thursday morning.

Several different authorities took part and observed the procedure.

Midland College says they plan to use feedback to help them make any necessary changes to their action plan and re-evaluate procedures.

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