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Snow sculptors: Warm air can be a good thing


Jason McCullough and his snow sculpting team is making adjustments.

"You kind of have to move your week a little differently. If you had some high hanging pieces you may have to move them back depending on what day it is going to be warmer," McCullough said.

McCullough said warm air can be a good thing – as long as it doesn't stick around too long.

"Start working on the larger cuts. It gets a little softer," McCullough said. "Gives you a little more time to get those cuts out of the way. And then you leave the detail for later when it gets a little bit colder and hopefully that works for the best."

Snow carver Christy Dunsmoor said in spite of the mild forecast, she believes the blocks will evolve into something everyone wants to see.

"We might pull out tarps and create our own shade. So we can protect the sculpture a little bit until it's done," Dunsmoor said. "All of these pieces they put a lot of detail and texture into it at the end. And that's where the pieces really pop. So there will still be a lot of under cutting and great subjects this year."

Other experts said they pay attention to more than the temperature.

"We look at whether it is going to be cloudy or sunny because the sun can really do us in," said Alphonso Foster.

Foster's team is working on a Star Wars sculpture. Foster welcomes the challenge when the mercury climbs above 32.

"Everybody is under the same situation. Nobody has an advantage or disadvantage and it's just one of those hurdles that we have to overcome and do our best and make it happen," Foster said.

McCullough said the last thing he wants to see is hard work melt away. But he's staying positive, and said these sculptures will be a hit when they're done.

"Everyone is really professional here so I don't think there will be any collapses. So we're just hoping for some really awesome sculptures," McCullough said.

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