Wounded OPD officers honored by Military Order of the Purple Heart

Wounded OPD officers honored by Military Order of the Purple Heart

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Two Odessa officers who were shot last month were honored for their service.

On Tuesday night the officers were presented with the highest recognition the Military Order of the Purple Heart can give to someone not in the military.

"I don't think we expected any awards, we were just doing a job," said Sergeant Pete Gonzalez.

Sergeant Pete Gonzalez and Corporal Cory Wester were both wounded while trying to serve an arrest warrant last month it later turned into a 9-hour stand off.

Commander Steven Oien said, "We provide a plaque from the Military Order of the Purple Heart recognizing them not only for their service to Odessa but also for the wounds that they received. It's not an actual purple heart but it's the closest thing that we can give to one."

Commander Oien said the organization keeps up with local news and when they saw two officers wounded in Odessa, it stood out.

"I'm privileged to be able to receive that and I appreciate everything that they do," Wester said.

"I was actually surprised. I wasn't aware that they would present an award like that to a non-military member, " Gonzalez said.

When the officers were asked what they would like to tell the community both of the officers just had one message.

Sergeant Pete Gonzalez, "We appreciate all the support the community has come to show us and it makes us proud to be residents here."

Both officers said they are currently working light-duties but hope to be back to their regular duties soon.

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