40 arrested after weekend cockfighting raid in Midland

40 arrested after weekend cockfighting raid in Midland

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Over the weekend, the Midland County Sheriff's office along with other government agencies raided a Midland home in what they believe was an apparent cockfighting club.

Midland County Sheriff, Gary Painter said, "When we executed the search warrant a lot of people took off running. We had officers already set up on the outskirts of the property so when they started running the officers just closed in. The helicopter pointed out where they were at and directed us to them."

Police arrested 40 adults and one minor. In the raid, officials also found a 380 automatic pistol, testosterone, B-12, steroids, and syringes used to inject the roosters.

"That's the business that these people are in whenever they go out and get involved in cock fighting," said Painter.
For a business that spans throughout the state, officials said last Saturday's bust had been planned for sometime.

"I know there's a circuit here that runs from Mexico to Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. That's where a lot of these people were from who were apprehended Saturday. We had enough probable cause for an affidavit and was able to get a judge to sign it and issue the search warrant," said Painter.

The remaining roosters have been fed food and water by a contractor while a judge determines what do with them.

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