Trial begins for man accused of murdering Trey Sands

Trial begins for man accused of murdering Trey Sands

ALPINE, TX (KWES) - Monday marked the first day of the trial of Keith McWilliams. He is accused of murdering Trey Sands, a Kilgore man who went missing in October of 2014. Sands was found dead a month later on Terlingua Ranch.

"Knowing they are going to bring up gruesome pictures and information we might not know. It is kind of a touchy subject. I am nervous," said Chase Fisher, best friend of Sands.

Sands' family and friends were all in attendance on the difficult first day. They say it has been tough but remain tight knit.

"It wouldn't feel right not being there to support just because of how close we are. We try to spend as much time as we can together. We are a family," said Fisher.

Most of the morning of the trial was dedicated to jury duty. Over 80 citizens came to the 394th District Court. The courtroom was packed and by 1 p.m., 12 jurors had been selected, six women and six men. They also appointed a female and male alternate.

Today is especially hard for Sands' loved ones because they have already mourned his death.

"You've already mourned and done the funeral things. You are rehashing old memories and remembering it again. It's tough," said Fisher.

As for the jury that was selected, Sands' best friend says their only one thing left to do.

"I can't do anything but have faith. I can't change that. I can't do nothing about that, so I have all the faith in them," said Fisher.

Family and Friends say they hope by the end of the trial, justice will be served.

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