Fracking water being used to irrigate crops

Fracking water being used to irrigate crops

PECOS, TX (KWES) - New research is proving that the oil industry isn't the only one benefiting from fracking.

Fracking water can also be used to irrigate crops.

Researchers at Texas A&M University have big plans now that they've discovered they can successfully blend fracking water and well water to irrigate cotton crops.

They've used a 4 to 1 ratio of well water to fracking water.

Now, they want to expand their test and see if they can add even more fracking water.

The researchers have high hopes that eventually they will even be able to use 100 percent fracking water.

Their goals don't stop with cotton crops.

The big plan is to use fracking water to irrigate edible crops, like fruits and vegetables.

"86 percent of the irrigation water that's used in Texas alone is sourced from groundwater. So by reusing this produced water, I think it would be a benefit across the board. I think once more people know about this, there will be lots of interested parties that would like to see this project move forward," said Katie Lewis, a Professor of Texas A&M Agrilife Research.

This research came about in an effort to preserve more well water.

Researchers said that the biggest thing holding them back from expanding their test is not enough funding.

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