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BLOG: Where is the line between the snow storm and the ice storm?


If you check out the radar sectors on, you’ll notice the rain marching northward and approaching the Carolinas. In short, the precipitation is still expected to arrive in the western sections of our viewing area around midnight.

The simple breakdown is this – unless you live in the mountains, think in terms of an ice storm all day Friday, then changing to snow after midnight and ending as snow Saturday.

If you live in the mountains, it’s all snow all the time!  Mountain accumulations are still expected in the 10” – 20” range with the highest elevations seeing the highest totals.  

Outside of the mountains it’s mainly an ice storm Friday, followed by snow after midnight Friday night and ending as snow Saturday.  Snow accumulations will be in the 6” – 10” range in the northern foothills, 3” – 6” from Hickory north, 1” – 3” between Hickory and Charlotte, and an inch or less from Charlotte southward.

Just as big an issue however is Friday’s ice accumulation.  We are expecting more sleet than freezing rain north of Charlotte which, if correct, will limit power outages. 

Areas along I-85 in South Carolina through Charlotte, east of Charlotte, and south of Charlotte are more likely to see heavy freezing rain, perhaps up to a 1/2".   See that attached picture.  These are the areas most prone to power outages from falling trees, limbs and power lines.

Important reminder:  If you lose power, don’t ever attempt to heat your house by using anything (such as a grill) not approved for indoor use. Open flames produce carbon monoxide, a highly lethal gas creating a deadly situation. Make sure your fireplace flue is open before lighting a fire. Finally, you should have a Carbon Monoxide detector in your home just like smoke detectors.

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