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MLGW crews, residents prep for winter weather across Shelby County

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5) (SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

We're facing potentially dangerous weather with ice, snow, and high winds. However, Memphis Light, Gas and Water said their major threats are trees snapping and breaking power lines.

While some are bundling up inside, Ivery Phillips is one of many working outside braving the cold temperatures.

"It would be extremely cold. We couldn't work in these conditions if we didn't have the generator going," Phillips said.

MLGW said they are preparing to make sure no one has to suffer long if the power goes out.

"I just pray that doesn't happen to anybody. I don't wish that on anybody," Phillips said.

MLGW said they can't predict or prevent bad weather, but they can prepare crews and put them on standby.

"If it's major, like we've had sometimes in the past, we may have to call in crews from other cities and we've never had a problem with getting crews in. Unless you're having major power outages everywhere," MLGW spokesperson Gale Jones Carson said.

Tree limbs pose a specific threat when they become mangled in power lines.

City crews are doing more than preparing a strong defense against Mother Nature's icy punch.

In parts of Frayser, officials are placing large metal plates to cover damaged roads before ice causes deeper pot holes.

MLGW is also showing some grace for customers as well.

Due to the forecasted wind chill factor, MLGW will not be disconnecting residential services Thursday.

Residents are preparing for the expected weather as well.

The Midtown Cash Saver parking lot was full Thursday night.

The store was filled with shoppers stocking up in case the winter weather shuts them in their homes.

Bread and milk are being restocked as fast as people take them off the shelves. 

Shopper Eva Riles knows what to buy.

"It's what my family likes. I have four boys and a husband. They like bacon and eggs and things like that," Riles said.

However, not all shoppers are interested in food.

"It's the essentials the most important thing. Beer first; food second," shopper David Marshburn said.

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