Suspicious woman jumping in front of vehicles, Odessa residents concerned

Suspicious woman jumping in front of vehicles, Odessa residents concerned

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Some Odessa residents are concerned about a woman who they said is jumping in front of cars. Police said she's asking for rides and may need help.

Odessa Police Department Communications Officer, Corporal Steve LeSueur, said, "Unfortunately, every time that we respond she's no longer there."

Police said they have received multiple calls about a female woman in south Odessa. Some of the complains include the woman running out in front of cars, asking for rides and sometimes even mentioning she's pregnant.

LeSueur said, "We have suicide threat calls all the time but if someone is trying to jump out in front of vehicles, we take that extremely serious and police need to be contacted immediately."

One post on social media describes a heavy set African American woman asking for a ride. The post mentions when the woman was told no, she continued to be very persistent. The same post has over 100 comments, some comments describe similar situations happening.

Police said they are unaware of what kind of danger this woman poses to others or herself.

"Bottom line is they need help and they need to contact police immediately so we can get them the proper help. Just because they're doing that doesn't mean they're going to be arrested for a criminal charge," said LeSueur.

Police recommend if this woman or anyone suspicious approaches you to call police immediately and observe in which way the person is travelling.

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