Mattress with graphic drawing dumped outside Odessa home

Mattress with graphic drawing dumped outside Odessa home

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A resident reached out to NewsWest 9 saying someone had broken the law and dumped illegally outside her home.

The findings we're not very pleasant, in fact, they were obscene and graphic.

An Odessa resident said it terrorized her for many reasons after walking outside and finding a mattress outside her garage.

Even more specifically, the graphic images she saw on it.

The homeowners were on their way to work when all of a sudden they couldn't make it out of their own garage. Something they say was very strange.

"We came around and we found this and to me this was just not thrown here for trash," said Jean McDaniel. "To me, this is a type of terrorism. I'm 82 years old and it scared me to death and my husband too and he's a heart patient."

Less than 20 feet away from Jean's home is a city dumpster where she says the culprits could've thrown it away.

On the other hand, Jean says she called Odessa police officers who said, "They turned it up and down and all diffident ways and said well don't worry because they throw things in the alleys all the time," said McDaniel. "It's anything that's going to hurt you or be bad for you, don't worry about it."

However, Jean said she's afraid whoever did this might come back and hurt her and her husband in some way.

"We were terrorized, it's a fact," said McDaniel. "This shouldn't happen to me. I mean I started crying, it scared me so much I thought, 'oh my, why would someone do me this way'. I mean if they wanted the trash, there's the trash but I believe they did it purposely."

McDaniel said a city employee told her they would dispose of it. But that's not all, she asked whoever is dumping illegally to stop.

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