Residents react to Howard College rollback elections

Residents react to Howard College rollback elections

HOWARD COUNTY, TX (KWES) - The voters who were against rollback taxes at Howard College each had different reasons for why they were more money.

Dorothy Shanks, a longtime resident, said "I'm a graduate of Howard College and I just wanted to back them all I can".

Michele Meyers, a Howard College employee, said "I work here and we need it. We really do".

Keith Bagnall, a parent, said "I have a daughter that's on scholarship here but whether I did or whether I didn't, I've had a lot of high school students come here that benefited from Howard College, so I'm going to support them no matter what".

Many in Big Spring and Howard County as a whole felt that Howard College is more than just a school to the community.

"I'm in favor of it. I know a lot of people are not, I think they do enough good that we need to support them," said Bagnall.

Voters thought keeping the tax two cents higher was worth it to protect Howard College.

Larry McLellan, Big Spring Mayor, said "A guy told me this morning, what it's going to cost me, I find that much change walking through a parking lot".

One resident who talked to NewsWest 9 off camera, supported the rollback taxes saying Howard College should be able to cut back in other areas to make up for the money lost.

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