Tax rollback rejected for Howard College

Tax rollback rejected for Howard College

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - The proposed tax rollback for Howard College has been rejected.

The vote came back 60 percent against and 40 percent for.

Back in August 2015, Howard College voted to raise their tax rate to 25 cents because of state funding cuts. The original tax rate was 23 cents.

However, some people were not happy about that vote so they created a petition and got enough signatures to vote on the issue.

Big Spring Mayor, Larry McLellan said, "Howard College has not given a raise to employees in about four years. People will tell you we could eliminate some of the sports program, what's a college or university without athletics or choir or drama?"

Earlier today one of the petition said either outcome would be a victory because the community had a chance to have their voice heard.

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