About $10,000 of property stolen in West Odessa

About $10,000 of property stolen in West Odessa

WEST ODESSA, TX (KWES) - An Odessa man is furious after his ATV was stolen in broad daylight. He said in order to start changing the crime rate anywhere, more people need to start speaking up.

The Odessa man, who chose to remain anonymous said, "I mean it's pretty brave, to come to someone's house in broad daylight and start taking stuff."

The resident said he went to work and in a matter of hours his ATV and trailer were stolen in broad daylight. A total loss of just under $10,000.

He said the economy is part to blame, "Everybody is starting to sell things. Do this, do that, if it's not one thing it's another. There's jobs out there. Some people are fortunate and they have jobs right now but just because they have jobs doesn't mean they aren't struggling. They're having a hard time just like everyone else is."

Last year the FBI released a list of most dangerous cities in Texas. West Texas had two top spots, Odessa took the title of most dangerous and Lubbock slipped in second. This Odessa man thinks change needs to start with the residents.

"I think if people started standing up for themselves and started protecting their property and keep an eye out for their neighbors that things would be a lot better. I know the cops and the sheriffs have their hands full," said the man.

The man said the police are on the search for the thief but they don't have any leads yet.