Two phone scams reported in Brewster County

Two phone scams reported in Brewster County

BREWSTER COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Two phone scams are going around Brewster County.

The sheriff's office says the callers impersonate IRS agents or Publishers Clearing House workers.

Most are targeting seniors to get their financial information.

When they're challenged, deputies say the callers resort to crude tactics.

They have heavy accents, which may be Middle Eastern.

Most of the calls seem to come from a 202 area code and some with a 505 number.

Deputies called the numbers back and say they could hear what seems to be a call center with many people on the phone.

Homeland Security advised the sheriff's office that most of these scams are off shore and use phone technology to make the calls seem to be from within the United States.

They're reminding everyone the IRS doesn't call you by phone and Publishers Clearing House may call but they also contact you by mail.

If you win, they may show up at your door to give you money but they never ask you to give them cash.

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