Resident react to early morning shooting in Andrews

Resident react to early morning shooting in Andrews

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - An alleged early morning shooting in Andrews had everyone in the community wondering what was happening.

An eyewitness who didn't want to be on camera said, "I heard a car peeling out in the driveway right outside my house and then a screech. After, it sounded to me like eight gun shots. I ran outside and there was police everywhere".

Viewers who also lived close to the scene sent messages searching for answers.

"I was just asking what was going on and yelling because I was scared. They just told us to step back. One of the guys I guess got shot. It was just an awful, awful feeling," said the witness.

Other residents said Andrews is a quiet town and that's what makes the overnight incident so shocking.

Brian Haynes, a resident of Andrews, said, "It's surprising. It's a quiet neighborhood with good people".

Eli Nunez, another resident said, "It's just kind of scary around here".

NewsWest 9 reached out to the Andrews Sheriff's Office and they could not confirm any details, only saying the Texas Rangers are now handling the investigation.

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