Sewage leak forces tenants from Big Spring apartments

Sewage leak forces tenants from Big Spring apartments

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - A sewage leak at the Park Hill Terrace apartment complex left two units in bad shape, leaving Dylan and his dad looking for a new place to live.

Park Hill Terrace tenant, Dylan, said "We noticed that there was standing water, plants going through the carpet, mold everywhere about four feet high on the walls and closets".

Dylan said due to the leaks he had to sleep on his sofa. He believes the damages should have taken fixed sooner.

"The mold never got taken care of. It's making paint bubbles. The walls are warped," said Dylan.

Big Spring Code Enforcement issued a statement on the condition of the two apartments. Angela Marrow, Park Hill Terrace Apartments leasing manager, had no idea how bad the apartments were.

"Had he told me told me that this situation was happening in his apartment I would have tried to get someone from out of town to come in here and do it," said Marrow.

It's a $2,000 fine to stay in the apartment and now Dylan and his dad are thinking about the next step.

"Honestly we don't really know. Luckily we got plenty of friends around here who would let us stay with them for at least a night," said Dylan.

The leasing manager tells NewsWest 9 Dylan and his dad will be getting a refund of January's rent next week.

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