Lane changes on the horizon for University Boulevard

Lane changes on the horizon for University Boulevard

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - City officials will be looking to get started on what they call a "long range plan" for University Boulevard.

City of Odessa Mayor David Turner, said "We need more avenues through the city".

City council approved a $13.5 million dollar project to widen the lanes on University Boulevard.

"University is worn out, the pavement is  worn out," said Turner.

Odessa City Councilman, Dewey Bryant, said, "There are numerous streets that we need help on, this one just happens to be a big project at this time because it is a big east, west corridor for the city of Odessa".

The citizens on University say fixing the curve on the street should be priority number one.

"It's a very dangerous area. When we look at the statistics, about three very dangerous areas are in that curve," said Turner.

Traffic lights will be placed on Bonham along with new crosswalks and sidewalks.

"This street was a design back when Odessa was very young about 50 years ago. It was great for them, but they didn't see the traffic numbers that we have now," said Turner.

"We need to do the work on University," said Dewey.

Officials hope to begin construction in April 2016.

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