West Odessa woman stunned after receiving $3,500 water bill

West Odessa woman stunned after receiving $3,500 water bill

WEST ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Imagine getting your water bill and seeing that you owe $3,500. When Juanita Lozano saw her bill, she thought it had to have been a mistake.

"It said $3,500 and I was completely stunned," said Lozano.

She contacted the Odessa water department and says they couldn't even believe it.

It turns out when temperatures dropped below freezing in November, a pipe burst and it leaked for nearly a month underground with no signs of pooling in her yard.

"It was running 2 minutes per gallon. That just a lot of water," said Lozano.

She didn't even know there was a leak until the city turned off her water. They noticed the meter was running high and that's when they contacted her.

"I don't understand how come they didn't call me sooner. Why wait so long? She said, just because we didn't want your water bill to run high.' How much higher did you want it to run?' said Lozano.

Now, Lozano is left with a $3,500 bill to pay and doesn't know how she will do it.

"There's really no choice at this moment for me. What else could I do? I'm stuck with this bill," said Lozano.

The city of Odessa says they may be able to adjust the price of the bill or put her on a payment plan for the next year.

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