"In God We Trust" decals placed on police, sheriff's vehicles in Fort Stockton

"In God We Trust" decals placed on police, sheriff's vehicles in Fort Stockton

FORT STOCKTON, TX (KWES) - It's a trend that's catching on all over the country, "In God We Trust" decals on police vehicles. Fort Stockton Police and Pecos County deputies now sporting them on their patrol cars. The Chief of Police is putting them on himself. The sheriff's department got theirs in on Wednesday. Now, there's hope EMS and the Fire Department will also soon be sporting these decals.

"For us, it's reassuring and it's comforting to know that those of us that have beliefs and those types of values, it's just another security blanket we like to rest on," said Arturo Fuentes, Chief of Police in Fort Stockton.

Fuentes said the "In God We Trust" decals were proposed by a member of the community.

"They reached out to us. They wanted the message on our police cars and that speaks volume of our community," said Fuentes.

One organization that calls themselves "E Pluribus Unum" did reach out to the chief of police expressing their distaste of the "In God We Trust" decals but the chief of police said he's received nothing but support from the community of Fort Stockton.

"When we have the community reach out to us like this and they give us a gift like this, all it does is it re-affirms to our officers that when they're out working and they're out dealing with the ugliness of the world today, they know that our community has stepped up and sent a message like this, I mean it's just a win-win situation for our officers and for our community," said Fuentes.

The chief of police says as a rural community, they often travel to many nearby towns to provide aid and he's excited to spread this message.

"We see it as a blessing. We see it as something that we can lean on and drive and continue to do our job in the way that we feel is the right way," said Fuentes.

Four little words that have a big meaning to authorities in Fort Stockton.

"It might just be words but again it's just a very powerful message for our officers," said Fuentes.