Gas leak leaves Odessa apartment complex without heat

Gas leak leaves Odessa apartment complex without heat

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Residents at the Park Plaza Apartments in Odessa have been without heat and hot water for five days. They say last (Monday) night was the most brutal. With outside temperatures dropping below freezing, they have been struggling to keep warm.

"This (Tuesday) morning, I think it was like 30 degrees in my apartment," said Sinn Robles, a resident.

Last week, the apartment complex had a leak and since then everyone has been without gas, leaving residents trying to bundle up for warmth.

"Loading up with as much clothes as we can get on and using as many blankets we have to try and stay warm," said Robles.

Many are scared for the health of themselves and their family because of the freezing temperatures.

"I'm really worried about my wife because she is pregnant. So I'm really worried about the baby," said Dennis Rodriguez, a resident.

Management has given out small heaters and referred everyone to their sister complex to take showers. They have even suggested turning on the stove to warm up their apartment but some say it isn't enough.

"With the stove on, it is running up the electricity bill. The stove is only keeping the kitchen warm. So it isn't doing us much good," said Robles.

The manager didn't want to go on camera but says she cares for her residents well-being and is working to get the the gas fixed. However, some say this is not the first time something like this has happened.

"What my neighbor told me is that last year they were without gas and hot water for a week. Hurry up and fix what needs to be fixed. There's a lot of people that are here suffering. It's not just us," said Robles.

Residents say they have not been updated on when the problem will be fixed but the manager says they are hoping to get the situation under control on Tuesday.

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