Woman facing several charges following traffic stop

Woman facing several charges following traffic stop

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A stolen truck led to police finding a gun and a child in Odessa.

The report says police spotted 23-year-old Emmaline Martens driving a truck that had been stolen.

Officers pulled her over but say she ran.

When they caught her, the report says police could smell alcohol on her.

They also found a gun in the truck.

Officers say they could smell alcohol on her and she had a Glock 27 in the truck.

A car, that had also been following the truck, was pulled over.

Police say it was driven by her boyfriend, 32-year-old John Paulino.

The report says he was supposed to be watching Martens two year old but Paulino admitted to officers that no one was watching her.

Officers found the toddler and turned her over to family members.

Both Martens and Paulino were charged with endangering a child.

Additional charges were also filed against Martens. Those charges include stealing a truck, evading arrest, unlawfully carrying a gun and DWI.

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