Lone Latina Sheriff of Texas visits Midland Odessa

Lone Latina Sheriff of Texas visits Midland Odessa

The only Latina Sheriff in Texas made a trip to Midland and Odessa today. Addressing Midland County democrats earlier today was Dallas County Sheriff. Lupe Valdez. NewsWest 9 was there when she gave a speech where she told us her story of how she got here today, and her insight on the power of women.

"Who do I align with? There's only one person that I align with. Even the question is ridiculous. I mean I'm a woman in my 60's. I have had to pioneer," said Lupe Valdez, the only Latina Sheriff in Texas.

Shes talking about who she supports in the upcoming presidential election. Valdez also touched on what she struggled most with when she was first elected sheriff, the pressure to put down her opponents.

"Look these are your neighbors. You run into them at the grocery store. At the service station. At school. In the government. Why would you constantly degrade somebody that you're going to see all the time? It just doesn't make sense," said Valdez.

Dallas County has been a republican community for many years, and Valdez said she's proud she has been an element in slowly changing that as a democratic sheriff. Valdez told us that doesn't mean she's against republicans.

"We have lots of things in common. But we choose to polarize ourselves with the things we disagree on. Why don't we work on the things we agree on and then slowly go to the other ones?," said Valdez.

Valdez also touched on the pushback she has received from Governor Abbott about her stance on undocumented workers.

"I don't consider that a disagreement. I consider that miscommunication. There's been miscommunication. He doesn't understand what we're doing and I need to hear more of his side. For one thing, it costs us almost, I think it's $3 million a year to deal with immigration," said Valdez.

NewsWest 9 asked Valdez what was the most important message she wanted to send with todays visit to Midland Odessa.

"Constant improvement is constant observation," said Valdez.

Valdez made a second appearance earlier this evening over in Odessa. She made time to talk to locals there. This was her first time in Midland Odessa since she was elected sheriff three terms ago.