Man arrested for driving intoxicated with minors

Man arrested for driving intoxicated with minors

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A man is now behind bars and recovering from a crash.

This after being arrested by Odessa Police Officers on Thursday, January 8.

The man was identified as Jose Luis Acosta.

He was driving intoxicated with a child in the passengers seat.

Officials said this is a state jail felony.

OPD officers found Acosta on the 200 block of Golder after residents reported the crash.

An investigation began, revealing the black Dodge Ram hit a white Chevrolet before fleeing the scene.

A witness saw the truck head over to 52 and Alleghaney where the person held the driver until police arrived.

When OPD arrived they smelled a strong alcohol odor coming from Acosta.

They searched his pick up and found several drinks inside.

Acosta and 3 other minors were taken to Medical Center Hospital with serious injuries.

Acosta was charged and arrested after being released for his injuries.