Local Odessa pet store closing after over a decade of business

Local Odessa pet store closing after over a decade of business

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - In a couple of months some of the pets inside a local Odessa store might not have a place to live, that's because the store is closing their doors after 12 years.

Pet Mystique owner, Cindy Beason said, "The store started very small and kind of continued to go through some different learning curves and things like that and developed into what we have here."

Beason said the store has always been her passion but closing is something she's been preparing to do the last 8 months.

"We just really had a lot of fun but unfortunately the economy has dipped quite a bit, we've brought in a second big box [business] in the area and it just makes it a little harder to continue to compete," said Beason.

Even though this was a move Beason knew she had to make she said it hasn't been easy, "I love my customers, I love helping the animals, I love going to the continuing education courses to find out how to treat an animal, give some advice if someone can't afford to go to a veterinarian."

Pet Mystique is not a name you might see anymore but Beason said she has new plans for the location, "We're gonna call it Nickle Whistle Park it's gonna be a play venue and a party venue for children. We're going to gear it more towards the smaller kids, about 9 and under."

In the meantime, Pet Mystique remains open, still has pets and is having a sale on everything.

"I've been doing it twelve years so I loved my business, it's hard. I would just like to thank the community for supporting me and being so good to us," said Beason.

Pet Mystique expects to stay open until about early March of 2016.

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