Tires stolen off a truck in Midland

Tires stolen off a truck in Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Richard Lauderdale of Midland, woke up one morning and wanted to get breakfast for him and his son. When he walked out the front door the tires on his truck were gone.

"Shock, disbelief and almost feeling like I've been violated. When you walk outside there's a hundred things going through your mind when you're ready to jump in your vehicle and start your day. I never thought in a hundred years that it would happen to me," said Lauderdale.

Experts say replacing tires can be pretty costly and if there are more than one person looking to steal tires of a vehicle it could be done quickly.

"It was about $5,500 to $6,000 dollars total cost for replacement," said Lauderdale.

Doug Leggett, Service Manager at Classic Honda of Midland said, "If you have someone who's good at it and you have a group of two people or so, you could probably steal all four tires off a vehicle in less than ten minutes".

There are ways you can protect your vehicle.

"The easiest prevention is to put wheel locks on the wheels, all that does is make it more difficult certainly not impossible but it's a lot more time consuming and requires a lot more noise and effort," said Leggett.

Lauderdale says he will be doing things differently next time.

"Maybe park it closer to other vehicles, I'm also going to purchase wheel locks which is a very small price to pay. Life is ten percent what happened to you and ninety percent how you react to it," said Lauderdale.

It was a learning experience for Lauderdale who says this could have happened to anyone in the community.

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