Brewster County treasurer stepping down

Brewster County treasurer stepping down

BREWSTER COUNTY, TX (KWES) - The Brewster County treasurer is stepping down. 

Ruth Staton has resigned. 

Staton became county treasurer in January of 2015. 

She says the stress of the job is affecting her health and her family. 

Staton's last day will be January 31. 

In June, county commissioners voted unanimously to start the process of getting Staton out of office. 

County Judge Eleazar Cano filed a petition but the lawsuit was dropped. 

It's unclear if that's because they worked out a deal with Staton or they just decided to drop it or if there just wasn't enough evidence to prove their case. 

This all started after Cano said he was flooded with calls and visits with complaints about Staton. 

Those complaints included money not being accounted for bills not being paid, reports not being filed and documents for the county audit not being provided in a timely manner. 

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