New bus route has Kermit parents upset

New bus route has Kermit parents upset

KERMIT, TX (KWES) - Two days into the bus route changes for Kermit ISD and parents feel no changes should have been made.

Renah Rodriguez, a parent, said, "It's not about the kids anymore. It's just about money".

Parents of students who attend Kermit schools came together to voice their frustrations and start a petition to change the new bus route back to the old one.

"They can walk from four blocks to two miles," said Rodriguez.

Aurturo Hipolito, another parent said, "There were no buses at the stop until maybe 7:00 or 7:30, so I finally decided to just take my kid to school."

The new bus route in the district now picks up kids in groups from an entire neighborhood, causing longer wait times and heavy traffic.

Kermit High School senior, Luis Calderon, said, "There were kids, I'm pretty sure first and second graders, it was raining this morning and they were standing in the rain. The traffic it's ridiculous. The way things were before was perfect."

"Sometimes they tell me the bus is going to be there  at 3:00 or 3:15. I was there until 5 o'clock waiting for my kid. Later on, they told me my kid was still in school," said Hipolito.

In the two days since the change, many feel the routes are not safe and are working to get their voices heard.

"It's just not safe for the children at all," said Rodriguez.

"She is going to save money but you are going to lose one of your kids," said Hipolito.

"We're going to get the signatures. You can see a lot of people and several administrators support what we are doing. We're going to go head on with it," said Calderon.
NewsWest 9 left a message for the superintendent but have not heard back.

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