Odessa woman's home burned and robbed

Odessa woman's home burned and robbed

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - An Odessa woman who had her home burned down and robbed less than a year later said she's tired of these things happening to her and chose to talk to NewsWest 9 to make her voice heard.

Mrs. Gutierrez chose to not show her face on camera because she's worried about her safety but she wasn't afraid to let us hear her voice.

Gutierrez said, "It's not fair that they left me on the streets, I don't have my own place to live."

This dates back to June 2015 when her house was set on fire. Gutierrez said her house was declared a total loss and unlivable, she moved in with family and decide to rebuild slowly but it turned into a greater challenge after the first week of 2016.

Gutierrez said, "Last week they came back and they took everything, everything that was left of actual value. They broke down the doors and took the refrigerator, stove, the water heater and even building material that we were planning to rebuild with."

Gutierrez said she thinks both incidents are related and it might even be the same people coming to harm her home. The exact value of loss is still unknown because it keeps changing but she estimates about $300.000. She said more than anything she wants to come back, live in her home and live in peace.

"That's what I ask of the community, to give any information that they may know or however they can help me. I have to find a way to come back and live in my house. Even if it's only a small space I can fix up to live in," said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez said authorities have asked her to consider selling her home for the property value but wants to continue to work to rebuild her home until she can live in it.