Fresh faces to lead City of Andrews in 2016

Fresh faces to lead City of Andrews in 2016

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - Big changes are in the works for the town of Andrews. The long time chief of police and sheriff are retiring this year. Not only that, the fire chief has also stepped down. NewsWest 9 sat down with the current Chief of Police, Bud Jones on Wednesday. He has been chief of police for more than 26 years. He said it's a bitter-sweet feeling to be retiring  but he's confident the department will stay strong on their own.

"The department in my opinion is the strongest it's ever been. We have great leadership within. Awesome leadership within. We have great personnel. I'm very confident in the fact that it will press on without me being here. They'll make their own mark," said Bud Jones, current Chief of Police in Andrews.

This coming March, the city of Andrews will have a new chief of police but the current chief says he's still going to stick around.

"Still want to work but just a lesser role," said Jones.

That's not the only big change with authorities in Andrews. The long time serving current sheriff is also retiring this year.

"New leadership is sometimes good because they'll do things a little different. They'll bring something to the table," said Jones.

The changes don't stop there, the fire chief has also decided to step down after 20 years. The department has already selected who take over that position, Buddy Hobbs.

"He's a fine young man. He'll do a great job. Well trained. A&M Fire Academy graduate," said Jones.

Jones explained why his retirement is a bittersweet feeling.

"Andrews is a unique community. It's the most unique community I've ever been around. Great people. If you stay here a little while, you'll fall in love with Andrews," said Jones.

The city manager will select the new chief of police this March. The current sheriff will serve his term through the end of 2016 and there will be an election for the new sheriff in November.

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